Thursday, August 9, 2007

Third-World Ameren Strikes Again

Ameren UE, our local electricity monopoly, has a record of service and reliability that is the envy of the nation. Unfortunately, that nation is Bangladesh.

Last night, 4000 more St. Louisans were without power for six hours, for reasons known only to the Ameren Kommissars. My family was 3 of those people - just what I wanted to come home to after a business trip. By my count, this is the sixth (yes, 6th) significant power outage at our house in the last 15 months. And I live in one of the most densely populated areas of the city, not at the end of a dirt road somewhere.

Hey, I understand. Things happen. Things particularly happen to you, if you're an utterly incompetent corporate monopoly. But I do have a few questions:

How many elderly people has Ameren killed, through a combination of rate increases and recurrent summer outages?

Do you think Ameren CEO Gary Rainwater feels even the slightest twinge of guilt about this, when he's zooming around in his corporate jet and lounging around his vast mansion (address unlisted, unfortunately)?

How many times has the power gone out at the palatial home of Ameren CEO Gary Rainwater?

How long does it take to train a monkey to answer a phone and say "Sorry for the inconvenience"?

Is Ameren CEO Gary Rainwater seeking psychiatric help for his pathological greed?

Does the concept of "executive responsibility" mean anything more than the responsibility to demand ever-higher rate increases?

I await answers from Ameren CEO Gary Rainwater. I think I'll be waiting a long time, but I've gotten pretty good at that - I'm an Ameren customer.

(This is a reprint of a post I made in the forums at stltoday.)

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Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

be sure to come recharge your batteries at the Royale. We got all sorts of power. We are drunk w/ it.

We are the finest refuge center on the southside.