Thursday, August 2, 2007

Birthday Girls (And Now, Boy)

My daughters each had birthdays last week. Can Veronica really be 11 now? I hope she likes the graphic novel I picked out for her - I'm really excited that she's into comics. She's got more natural writing talent than I ever had at her age, especially in terms of understanding emotion and plotting. So I'm trying to turn her on to stuff that will deepen that understanding, and show her the possibilities of storytelling. At least once a day, I'm surprised and delighted by Veronica's intelligence and wit (not to mention how tall she keeps getting).

Ava turned three ("free", as she pronounces it). It's funny how she reacts to presents: she rips open the paper and then just stares at the present, dumbfounded and overwhelmed. People might mistake it for rudeness, but she's just too excited to show any emotion. She's so sweet and imaginative and sensitive and smart. I couldn't be more proud of my girls - my greatest accomplishment.

Oh yeah - on Ava's birthday, my sister Lizzie had her first child, a baby boy named Isaiah Jordan Toon. (The names "Kareem", "Magic", and "Bird" didn't make the cut, I guess.) He looks like his mom. Welcome to life, Isaiah! And happy birthday, Ava and Veronica!

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